WPC works with its clients to analyze their processes and identify opportunities for improvement in terms of consistent, predictable, and high-quality publishing and licensing of their work. WPC often provides custom-designed and developed systems to support its clients’ unique needs, recognizing off-the-shelf solutions don’t measure up.


WPC is X12’s exclusive publisher and licensing agent. As such, WPC provides technology, support, publishing, and licensing services for the ongoing maintenance and development of the X12 Standard, implementation guides, and several code lists.


WPC provides technology to support online collaboration for NCPDP participants, publishes its online data dictionary and external code lists, and produces machine readable representations of each for NCPDP subscribers.


WPC publishes code lists for the CMS that are used in conjunction with X12 transaction sets and are referenced in X12 implementation guides.


WPC provides technology to support the AMA’s National Uniform Claim Committee and publishes code sets that are referenced in and used by the health care insurance industry with several X12 implementation guides and transaction sets.